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Solely Yours - Bespoke Service
There is no limit to the imagination
(Frequently asked questions)
  Perhaps you know exactly what you want your garment to look like, or perhaps you are unsure. In either case, Gilboa needs to collect as much information about your requirements as possible. These may be one or more of the following:

  • Size - tall / short, broad/slim, body shape, etc
  • Colour - solid, stripes, floral, geometric, etc
  • Material - silk, suede, cotton, linen, etc
  • Style - sportive/elegant/flamboyant, pockets/pleats/collar, etc
  • Purpose - stage outfit, every day, evening 'going out', etc ...

Meeting in person is preferred to discuss your requirements.

It gives Gilboa the opportunity not only to take accurate size measurements, but also to observe your personality. Your finished garment means to present you in the best way and therefore will be fun to wear again and again.

  Dare to be different, and enjoy it!
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