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Style Ideas
Inspiration for your bespoke Gilboa garment
  Collar Examples

Cuff Examples

Fabric and Accessories
  Perhaps you have been contemplating having a bespoke garment made, but are unsure of its design?

On a shirt, for example, the most prominent areas are the collar, the cuffs and the front. These are generally always displayed, whether you are wearing a suit or not. Depending how you prefer to wear your shirt, full display or always covered by a suit, much playfulness can be added by working with colours, fabric pattern and accessories.

In short: there is no limit to the imagination, and so the examples show to the left (by following the links) are exactly that: examples, not limits.

If you are uncertain about the design of your bespoke garment, Gilboa will happily work together with you and advise / suggest / discuss ideas and requirements.
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