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From Gilboa with Love
  The Garment Creation
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  Garments that want to be enjoyed!  
The purpose of a Gilboa garment is to be enjoyed by you and to make you feel special.

In today’s world, the majority of people can pick up clothing at the snap of a finger.
The massproduction of clothing of course has the benefit that by and large everyone is able to purchase anything they require in a short time and generally for little money. Although convenient, massproduction has removed individuality; it is much of a sameness and lacks imagination.

Perhaps you belong to the few that care for their own style, rather than following the masses. As such, you may even be aware of the time and effort the creation of quality garments requires.

For example: the Gilboa shirt, is made up of a minimum of 25 different pieces but more often than not, this number climbs upwards rapidly, depending on the design.

To offer you a little insight into the steps involved in creating a Gilboa garment; follow the link to the left: 'The garment creation'.
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