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Gilboa for the Lady
  Latest Designs by Gilboa - Flat Caps, Pillbox hats, Beret-style hats
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  Hats that are solely yours!  
Gilboa Hats for the Lady are one of a kind creations, sometimes part of small, limited collections.

Each hat is individually crafted in Gilboa’s studio in the United Kingdom, made with carefully selected, mostly vintage and/or rare fabric and accessories.

'Why wear a hat?' you may wonder. There are many purposes a hat can fulfill:
  • Adding accent to your attire
  • Cover for a 'bad hair' day
  • Protection against the weather
  • To make you stand out from the crowd
  • Make it your visible 'signature'

Ready-made Gilboa Hats
You can choose from a selection of ready-made Gilboa Hats in the online store.

Bespoke Service
For the Lady with her very own requirements, Gilboa offers a bespoke service. Visits to the studio are very welcome and preferred for a bespoke service. To ensure that Gilboa has time just for you, visits are by appointment only.
Get ahead - wear a Gilboa hat!
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