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Some readers may still remember the 'old days', when everyone was wearing a hat. The younger reader, will most likely have seen those times presented in classic movies.

Not long ago, it was seen as ungreaceful for a person to leave their house without a hat. And even further back in time, it was only beggars that would appear bare-headed.

The hat is the most noticable addition to anyone's attire as generally our attention is first drawn to the face. Sadly, the hat has been neglected and almost forgotten over the past years. Perhaps that is because many people feel that a hat is only for special occasions, such as weddings or the races.

And yet the hat is the most helpful accessory to our daily attire, with so many uses and should never be neglected or forgotten.

The purpose of a Gilboa hat is to be comfortable, practical and fun to wear.
Each hat has been crafted in Gilboa’s studio, which much care for detail.

If you would like to know about the steps involved in creating a Gilboa hat; 'The hat creation' offers a summarised insight, for your information.
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